Jeanne Moore

Jeanne has a Master’s degree from UNB in Forestry and has worked in industry and the non-profit sector. Currently she is employed part-time in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management as project coordinator for a multi-stakeholder forest collaborative. She completed the Third Party Neutral conflict resolution certification in 2012 and looks forward to any opportunity to assist in moving working relationships forward.

Shiral LeBlanc

Shiral LeBlanc is a St. Thomas University graduate. Shiral currently works for the Department of Education and early Childhood Development in the Student Services branch as well as volunteering as a mediator.

Kim Korotkov

Kim Korotkov is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Education, in the area of inclusive education. Kim currently works with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) as a learning specialist in the areas of exceptionalities and diversity, She looks forward to facilitating resolutions for students in conflict.

Saint John

Mirko Crevatin

Mirko Crevatin graduated from UNB in 1995 with a BSc(CS) and from UNBSJ in 2014 with an MBA. Mirko also holds a certificate in Third Party Neutral conflict resolution from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution. Mirko currently specializes in strategic planning, risk and governance and team facilitation at T4G Limited in Saint John. Mirko lives in the Saint John area with his wife and three children and enjoys giving back to the community where he can. He looks forward to giving back to the university by supporting resolution of issues between parties in conflict without the need for formal intervention as he believes that solutions that come from the parties at conflict are most likely to yield positive long term results.

Courtenay E. Parlee

Courtenay E. Parlee is an Interdisciplinary PhD Candidate (anthropology and sociology) at UNB. Her concentrations are in conflict resolution, governance and marine management. Courtenay currently works as a student with Project 1.1 of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network but also enjoys cooking, fishing and playing soccer. She looks forward to resolving conflicts and putting on seminars for dispute resolution.