Guida Bendrich   2014 University Teaching Scholar

Professor Bendrich has taught 26 distinct courses since coming to UNB from industry (Degussa) in 1995, ranging from capstone design to introductory communication-skills, from laboratory courses to lecture courses in technically challenging disciplines such as staged processes and process control.  Her reception by students has ranged from very good to excellent.  Her commitment to teaching has extended well outside the classroom, to online courses (College of Extended Learning), distance courses (UNBSJ), exchange programs (Germany/Mexico/etc.), and especially to the Engineering Co-op program, which she currently directs.

Professor Bendrich has been directly involved in testing many new classroom technologies at UNB, prior to implementation, including clickers, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn. 

For the past several years, Professor Bendrich has taught both the lecture and lab courses in Materials Science, the only two service courses offered by Chemical Engineering.  Despite enrolments ranging from 150-200 students, both courses maintain a very high standard of instruction, and a particularly high level of personal attention in the lab (by Professor Bendrich herself) that is almost unheard of in such large courses.

Dr. Shirley Cleave
Associate Vice-President (Academic and Learning Environment)
April 16, 2014