Diane Shannon  2014 Distinguished Service Award

Diane Shannon has served in various roles at UNB's Faculty of Education over the past 37 years, including her current role as the Coordinator of Student Programs (Undergraduate) - a position she has held since 1995.  She has been actively involved in the Faculty's international initiatives serving as the Project Administrator for the UNB/Bhutan Project (1992-1998) and Project Liaison for the Tanzanian Women Training Fund (1993-1994).  Diane was Secretary to the Chair of the Curriculum & Instruction Division from 1976 through 1992. 

Diane Shannon is recognized within the Faculty of Education for her exemplary service and spirit.  The following quotes from colleagues demonstrate her impact.

"When I think of someone who symbolizes all that is good about this university it is Diane Shannon.  Diane balances administrative excellence with humanity, humour and humility."

"Diane Shannon is the engine of this faculty.  She knows every student and their major, and likely another 3-4 things about them.  Although extremely busy, she always has time to meet with students and faculty and you never feel rushed during meetings; you always feel you have been heard."

"Diane blesses all who cross her path with honesty, strength, courage and passion.  She finds the best in those who surround her, and refuses to see anything less.  She is an icon at the Faculty of Education - someone to emulate and embrace."

The Faculty of Education features a diversity of programs, a multitude of histories, alongside a range of committees and community service activities extending from the Faculty to UNB, Fredericton, schools and learning institutions, and the international community at large.  Diane Shannon is one of those remarkable individuals whose reach has positively affected all of these constituencies.  Diane's ability to relate effectively to students, faculty, staff, teachers, administrators,  and others is admirable.  Most importantly she treats each person with tremendous respect and compassion.  Quoting a colleague:

"No matter the problem of question Diane focuses her total attention on the individual.  Her kindness and empathy toward everyone she encounters not only reflects brilliantly upon the faculty she represents but also upon the university as a whole."

Diane Shannon is an esteemed member of the Faculty of Education and this award is a way of sharing and recognizing Diane within the entire UNB community.  People in all facets of the Faculty of Education are proud to consider Diane a colleague and a friend - a most valuable team player indeed!

John Grant McLoughlin
Faculty of Education
April 16, 2014