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General Information

Course Name/Section: Integrated Forum IFR01A Course Number: RCLP 1111
Faculty / Department: Renaissance College Campus: Fredericton
Start Date: Sep 10, 2015 End Date: Dec 08, 2015
Application Deadline: Jun 12, 2015 Posting Date: May 22, 2015
Applications to be submitted via: email Email Address:
Requested By: Jo Anne Colford Term: Fall

Class Details

Days: Tuesday & Thursday Time: 2:30 - 5:20
Number of Positions Available: 2 Total Credit Hours: 6
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Location: On Campus
Stipend Amount: $5533

Curriculum Context

This first year first term course students make connections with other RC courses; local, national or world events; and lived experience through readings, research projects, class discussions, and written reflections. Course emphasizes both oral and written communication.

Course Description

RCLP 1111 Renaissance College Integrative Forum 1 (Fredericton Campus) 6 ch (M/P S) (LE)

This forum provides an opportunity for integrative dialogue and study about contemporary issues and their complex relationships from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will learn strategies to assess the congruence of a person's ideas and actions as well as to evaluate and debate the ethical implications of both. Co-requisite: RCLP 1001 , RCLP 1011 , RCLP 1052 ; or permission of the instructor.


Masters Degree or at least equivalent experience

In addition to competence in contemporary issues & oral and written communication, candidates should be committed to student learning within RC’s teaching and learning environment which includes high order, deep learning; creating an environment that challenges and expects challenge; is integrative; is outcomes oriented; and contributes to students’ leadership ability.

Additional Notes


This course has a Right of First Refusal attached to it.

This position may be shared between multiple instructors.