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General Information

Course Name/Section: Introductory Physics ISJ01A Course Number: PhYS1011 Tutorials
Faculty / Department: Physics Campus: Saint John
Start Date: Sep 05, 2013 End Date: Dec 18, 2013
Application Deadline: Jul 09, 2013 Posting Date: Jun 26, 2013
Applications to be submitted via: email Email Address:
Requested By: Li Hong Xu Term: Fall

Class Details

Days: M, T Time: 12:30-1:20, 10:30-11
Number of Positions Available: 1 Total Credit Hours: 0
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Location: On Campus
Stipend Amount: 3493

Curriculum Context

2 tutorials

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the branch of physics called mechanics. Mechanics is the study both of how objects move and why they move the way they do. Describing the motion of objects requires understanding the basic kinematics quantities position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration, as well as the connection between them. Understanding the causes of motion can be achieved by considering the forces acting on the object and/or by focusing on the conserved properties of the system (momentum, energy, angular momentum). Mechanics applies to a wide range of phenomena, essentially to anything that moves, but this course will highlight ties to and applications in the physical sciences. 

Prerequisites: Grade 12 Physics or equivalent. 

Corequisite: either MATH 1001 or MATH 1003. Students intending to take Physics courses beyond Introductory Physics or continue in the Physical Sciences stream should take MATH 1003 and PHYS 1021 as co-requisites to this course



Masters or PhD in Physics

Additional Notes

Applications must be submitted by email, with accompanying resume

Preference in competition will be given to persons holding Right of First Refusal. Other applicants can still apply and will be considered at the end of the posting if no persons with Rights of First Refusal apply.