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General Information

Course Name/Section: Foundations of Physics for EngineersTBA Course Number: PHYS1081
Faculty / Department: Physics Campus: Fredericton
Start Date: Sep 05, 2013 End Date: Dec 18, 2013
Application Deadline: Jul 22, 2013 Posting Date: Jun 17, 2013
Applications to be submitted via: email Email Address:
Requested By: William Ward Term: Fall

Class Details

Days: TBA Time: TBA
Number of Positions Available: 3 Total Credit Hours: 4
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Location: On Campus
Stipend Amount: 5240.00

Curriculum Context

The position is to support lab instruction for 1st year undergraduate physics course.  

Course Description

PHYS 1081 - An introduction to the fundamentals of mechanics.  Vector analysis and its application to the analysis of the motion of particles and rigid bodies.  Newton's  three laws of motion.  The kinematics and dynamics of particle motion along straight and curved paths.  Work, energy, impulse and momentum of particles and rigid bodies.  An introduction to the rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis, moments of inertia, angular momentum.  Simple Harmonic Motion.  Co-requisites: (MATH 1003 or MATH 1053), (MATH 1503, or MATH 2213, or equivalent). 


At least a Masters in Physics with suitable experience in 1st year lab instruction.

Additional Notes

Each position is responsible for 2 lab sections.