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General Information

Course Name/Section: Human SexualitySMD Course Number: PSYC3043
Faculty / Department: Arts/Psychology Campus: Fredericton
Start Date: Jul 02, 2013 End Date: Aug 12, 2013
Application Deadline: Feb 07, 2013 Posting Date: Jan 30, 2013
Applications to be submitted via: email Email Address:
Requested By: Dr. E. Sandra Byers Term: Summer

Class Details

Days: TTH Time: 4:30-6:50
Number of Positions Available: 1 Total Credit Hours: 3
Mode of Delivery: Face to Face Location: On Campus
Stipend Amount: $5,240.00

Curriculum Context

Elective course in Psychology

Course Description


PSYC 3043 Human Sexuality 3 ch (3C)
Provides a broad introduction to the psychology of human sexuality, including examination of such specific topics as sexual anatomy, sexual behaviour throughout the lifespan, sexual response, sexual dysfunction and therapy, sexual variation, and pregnancy and child birth. Emphasis on placing empirical findings within physiological, personal, interpersonal and social frameworks. Prerequisite: Introductory Psychology (6 ch).Please note that no more than three of PSYC 3033 , PSYC 3043, PSYC 3053 and PSYC 3063 may be counted toward a Major or Honours In Psychology.


In Psychology:  MA, PhD, or PhD near completion

Additional Notes

Course offering subject to budgetary approval