Wendy Wells   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

In her thirty-six-year tenure at UNB Wendy Wells has made a significant contribution to the attainment of academic excellence by the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (formerly the Dept of Surveying Engineering), and in all of her many roles and responsibilities has demonstrated consummate professionalism.  This nomination heralds a career achievement.

Born in Montreal, Wendy came to UNB in late 1970 from Calgary to take up duties as a research assistant in the field of geodesy.  From 1972-76 she continued to work part-time as a research assistant, participating in experiments, professional meetings and symposiums, and also working with professors in preparing research and technical reports -- all while pursuing full time studies and earning a BA in History "with distinction" in 1976.  She continued to work over the next several years on a full and part-time basis as research assistant, editor and bookkeeper for the geodesy group of professors, and in fact became their "right arm" on a number of major projects. Having undertaken part-time graduate studies, she earned a Masters degree in History with distinction in 1983.

Wendy continued to play a prominent role in the ascendancy of the department to international prominence during the 1980s and 1990s, serving in a series of roles as research assistant, departmental research secretary, and departmental editorial assistant and writer In these roles, she acquired a remarkable wealth of knowledge which served her well when she became the Department's senior Administrative Assistant in 1997.  Her relentless attention to detail and pursuit of perfection raised the level of expectation that other members of the department placed on themselves.  Her endless work on research ranking, preparation of annual reports, the Department's professional accreditation - as well as her continued writing and editing of many articles and manuscripts -- had a great impact on the national and international status of the department.  She is listed as either sole or co-author on a number of publications, and also helped organize numerous conferences, workshops and international symposia during her time with the Department.

Although assuming the role on a part-time basis only, she also became the "heart and soul" of the Department's technical communications course for many years.  She gained a well-deserved reputation as a demanding instructor, and hundreds of SE and GGE graduates still use the clear writing and presentation skills she instilled in them during their time at UNB.  Her course lecture notes formed the basis for one of her publications, "Style Manual for the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering", which has been widely circulated and used by geodesy and surveying departments around the world.

In the final chapter of her outstanding UNB career, Wendy applied her considerable expertise and experience in the challenging position of Associate University Secretary for the Fredericton campus.  She had major responsibility for the Fredericton Senate and the administration of the Student Discipline Code on the campus, while also providing bedrock organization and management to the Secretariat office.  In this demanding position, she demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand and navigate the complex dynamics of university governance. Her combination of intelligence, literacy, hard work and attention to detail made her an ideal Senate Secretary.  Her professionalism, high standards and dedication were key to ensuring that the Secretariat was able to meet the University community's expectations for this office.

Recognition in the form of a President's Medal or Distinguished Service Award is a fitting tribute to Wendy's dedication and devotion to the

David Coleman

Dean of Engineering

Steve Strople

University Secretary