Terry Arnold   2007 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Terry Arnold has provided valued customer service to all UNB computing clients (students, faculty, staff and external customers) for over 38 years.

Terry began his career here at UNB in April of 1968 when he was hired at the Computing Centre as an Operator Trainee on the mainframe. Computer card readers, card key punches, line printers, tapes and disks were all part of Terry’s duties back then.

In 1972, Terry moved to the System Support Group as a Programmer Trainee in the computer accounting area. This was the beginning of the 30 years that Terry was involved with computer account administration. Terry has seen many changes in computing over the years and was the Computing Centre’s primary contact regarding account numbers. In the early days of the mainframe machines and resource allocation Terry was responsible for all computer account numbers for all clients, from UNB students, faculty and staff to all external computing customers (NB Government, NB Power, NBTel, LRIS, NB/PEI Educational Computer Network members, etc.). As computing technology progressed Terry handled account administration for systems such as TSO, VSPC, Janet (first UNB computer labs) to more recently Datatel. From setting up accounts to troubleshooting client account problems Terry was the person to contact. Even though the account administration function was changed to numerous groups at the Computing Centre/Computing Services/Integrated Technology Services Terry stayed in the role due to his expertise and friendly customer manner. From User Services, to Operations, to Business Management, and finally to Client Services, Terry  played a key role in the administration of account numbers.

In recent years, Terry created/activated WebCT course accounts for UNB’s online course instruction. He once again was the contact person when problems occurred. As more and more account automation has taken place Terry began to move away from the area in 2002.

The other area Terry has been heavily involved in over the years has been as a Security Officer. Keys and entry card access to UNB’s main enterprise data centre facilities was Terry’s responsibility. In the mainframe days Terry administered the ACF2 data security system which dealt with dataset/file access through security rules. The growth of personal computers and email saw a steady rise in security-related complaints/problems. Terry is the main contact for any security issues (harassing emails, for example) and works closely with UNB Security personnel along with Fredericton City Police and local RCMP staff. The coordination of any ITS response in such matters is Terry’s role.

Terry is also the ITS main contact with personnel at Physical Plant and the Engineering Faculty Shop. From painting and renovations to air handling system difficulties and water leaks in any ITS area (computer labs, staff offices, to main computer room facilities) Terry is the main ITS contact person.

Being a very trusted and responsible individual Terry is often the person people talk to when staffing issues/concerns arise. Terry was a member of the ITS Issues Working Group in the late 1990s. A great events organizer and detail person Terry has been an important member of the ITS Social Committee for many years.

Terry has been an ITS canvasser in both the Venture and Forging Our Futures campaigns. He has been the ITS canvasser for UNB’s United Way  fund raiser the last few years. Fund raising outside the workplace has also been an area Terry is involved in. Terry has worked to raise funds for both the Fredericton Junior and Senior Baseball teams. He has also been both General Manager and President of the Senior Baseball team and is a member of both the Fredericton Sports Wall of Fame and of the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. Before his senior baseball involvement, Terry coached for several years in the Fredericton Minor Baseball Association at the Farm League, Mosquito, Bantam and Juvenile levels. Terry has also worked on committees hosting National and Provincial baseball events. Currently Terry is co-chairman of the Marysville Heritage Association. Terry is a very active community service volunteer who readily gives his time and energy to such causes.

Terry has served the University community well over his close to 40 years in the computer service area.

Lori MacMullen

Associate Vice-President, Integrated Technology Services

April 10, 2007