J. Ted MacDonald  2012 University Research Scholar Award Recipient

Dr. Ted McDonald is Professor of Economics and Academic Director of the Canadian Research Data Centre (RDC) at UNB. He joined the Department of Economics at University of New  Brunswick in 200I. A well recognized expert in Labor Economics including immigration and health, he has established a research record over the past five years comparable to that of an average economist in a lifetime.

Since 2006, Dr. McDonald has published 20 papers in refereed academic journals, co-edited one book published by MeGill-Queen's University Press; and produced three book chapters and nine other publications. These include papers published in Canada's top-ranked journal in Economics (Canadian Journal of Economics), in the world's top-ranked social science journal (Social Science and Medicine), and in highly respected field journals (Canadian Journal on Aging, Oral Oncology, and Canadian Public Policy). His contribution in the book, High Skilled Immigration in a Globalized Labor Market, puts him in the company of the world's foremost immigration researchers, such as Klaus Zimmermann and Paul Miller.

Dr. McDonald's publications have been widely cited in refereed journals. In recognition  of  his contribution  to the field of  immigrant  health,  Dr. McDonald  was invited to contribute a chapter on cancer screening to the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health. Along with Dr. Chris Worswick of Carleton University, he has been invited to contribute a chapter on high skilled immigration for The Handbook of Immigration Economics.

As a well-recognized  and  respected  scholar,  he has  been invited  to serve  on national  committees   such  as  the  Social  Dimensions   of  Aging  grant  adjudication committee of Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada  Provincial Nominees Program External Advisory Committee.  He has been deemed an international  expert assessor by the Australian Research Council. He has served as a peer reviewer for a number of SSHRC and CIHR grant applications. He has also been frequently invited to referee papers for some of the top journals in the population health field. Since 2006, has given conference presentations and acted as a discussant or given an invited lecture 35 times at national and international conferences.

Recently, he received a large research grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and matching funds from the Regional Development Corporation to establish the New Brunswick Policy Research Institute (NBPRI) at UNB.  The NBPRI will provide the physical, computing and database infrastructure necessary for academic and  government  researchers  to conduct  world-class  population  research  on  issues  of great concern to provincial policymakers in areas such as health and wellness, education and training, economic development, and demography (including fertility, mortality, migration, and population recruitment and retention). Researchers from academic and government departments as well as NGOs in New Brunswick and across Canada will be able  to  analyze  these  valuable  databases  as  part  of  their  policy-relevant research programs.

Dr. Greg Kealey, Provost and Vice-President (Research)
March 13, 2012