Stacey Hamdan   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Stacey is currently employed as the Operations Coordinator for the Registrar's Office at UNBSJ, a position she has held since August 2005, but she first came to our office as a student placement the summer following her high school graduation in 1992.   Even at that time we were impressed by her work ethic and competence, for she displayed a maturity beyond her years.   After becoming a full-time staff member in 1995, she served as Secretary within Student Records and later as Supervisor, Reception & Data Control .    

Stacey is smart and quick ... she needs only to be informed how to do something once and that is it.  Past practice is not how she operates; she relishes finding better ways to deal with ongoing processes and issues.   She is recognized as a 'go to' person in our office so assumes a leadership role, yet is also a team player.  She truly understands that we are here for the students, to enable faculty and staff to make their educational experience the best it can possibly be. 

Like many, Stacey has faced obstacles but none that have detracted from her commitment to this institution.  She is self motivated and always wishes to improve herself; having earned three certificates, she is now pursuing studies within the Bachelor of Integrated Studies.  Such a path better suits a busy mother of three, juggling responsibilities of home, family and work.  I daresay her organizational skills are put to the limit each and every day and I often wonder how she consistently maintains both a professional yet good natured approach to the demands placed upon her.  

She is held in high regard by her colleagues, faculty and the students.  Anyone who has had dealings with Stacey understands her true value, yet she is not one to seek the limelight or to need that extra pat on the back to continue to excel   Therefore,  it is fitting that she is being recognized in a public manner for her years of service to the University.

Margaret Murphy
Registrar's Office