Shirley Cleave - 2017 President's Medal

The Student Services Department of the University of New Brunswick (UNB) would like to make a collective nomination of the Associate Vice-President Academic (learning Environment), Dr. Shirley Cleave, for a President’s Medal and UNB Distinguished Service Award for 2016-17.

During Dr. Cleave’s 37-year career at UNB, she has made significant contributions to the University, both as a faculty member and as a member of senior administration. The list of positions she has held at the University is impressive (see her CV attached) but even more impressive is the fact that she has often held several significant positions at the same time. For example, in 2015, Dr. Cleave simultaneously served as UNB’s Interim Vice President (Academic), Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment) and Assistant Vice-President Student Services. During that period, she successfully oversaw the complete restructuring of UNB’s student services divisions while ably filling the other two roles.

Here is just a brief list of some of the positions Dr. Cleave has held at UNB: 2015- Interim Vice President Academic; 1996- Associate Professor and Tenure Granted; 2007-16 Associate Vice President Academic - Learning Environment; 1991-Graduate Faculty Member - School of Graduate Studies and Research and; 1990 - Assistant Professor.  Previously employed as Lead Staff – Student Services (2014-16); Acting Executive Director, Residential Life, Campus and Conference Services (2013-14);  (2005-07) Assistant Dean - Faculty of Kinesiology; 1988 – 92 Don - Lady Beaverbrook Residence; 1988 – 91 Honorary Research Associate - School of Graduate Studies and  Research and; 1979 – 91 Physical Recreation and Intramural Program Director.

Dr. Cleave has had a distinguished career in the faculty of Kinesiology including teaching Research Methods, developing new courses, developing new curriculum, organizing Field Schools, Labs and Practica,  mentoring/supervising 28 students, participating in five Dissertation and twenty-five Thesis Committees and drafting countless Reports and Senior Reports.  In acknowledgement of her outstanding mentorship, supervision and excellence in teaching Dr. Cleave was nominated for the Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2001.

Dr. Cleave is a force of nature: she has been at the forefront of advocating for students through a variety of forums.  She is a passionate and influential leader within the University community as Chair, Sexual Assault Policy Working Group, Chair, Accessibility Access Committee, Chair, Student Intervention Team, Chair, Strategic Enrollment Management/Student Success Committee.  The List of her committee work is extensive and impressive, I have only touched the surface of her service contributions to UNB.

The contribution Dr. Cleave has made on behalf of students and student groups is immeasurable.  Dr. Cleave will work into the early hours of the morning fine tuning reports, answering e-mails, reaching out to students, staff and faculty to answer questions or to follow-up on an issue, etc.  It is very common for me and countless others to open our computer first thing in the morning and see a response or request from Dr. Cleave sent to us in the early hours of the morning.

Without Dr. Cleave’s passion and drive, Student Services would not be the well-respected department we are today.  She was instrumental in our recent restructuring process and helped us to build on the solid core of excellent people and exceptional programs to become a unified, effective and efficient organization. Dr. Cleave always makes time to speak to staff, faculty and students to better understand issues and provide insightful leadership on a variety of student development matters such as the recently released Sexual Assault Policy for UNB.

Dr. Cleave gives generously of her time, believes deeply in the value and power of education and is a staunch advocate for students, staff and faculty.  She provides the necessary leadership to ensure UNB’s Student Services Department is in keeping with UNB’s Strategic Plan and has built our reputation on the pillar of an exceptional, transformative student experience.

As evidenced from her Scholarly Research and Creative Activities, Dr. Cleave is a passionate volunteer in sports, recreation, student leadership and mentorship.  She has contributed her time and energy internationally, locally, provincially and nationally to support Women in Sports.  She has a personal passion for physical activity and healthy living initiatives.

On behalf of Student Services, we give her the highest recommendation for this award.

Student Services, Dr. Jane Fritz, Dr. Cynthia Stacey