Robyn Humphries   2004 UNB Service Award Recipient

Robyn Humphries was born and raised in the United Kingdom as part of a world where a sense of history is valued and pomp and ceremony abound. No wonder, then, that Dr. Humphries has a great respect - and a great love - of ceremony and tradition. And what better avenue for that passion that the role of Campus Marshall for Convocation ceremonies at the University New Brunswick in Saint John?

As Campus Marshall and Chair of the Convocation Committee, Dr. Robyn does much to ensure due attention to the campus's versions of traditional University ceremonies. He oversees the organization and smooth running of Convocation and the ceremonial aspects of Commencement, the opening ceremony for Orientation Week. Dr. Humphries' insistence on the importance of these traditions, and his willingness to give his own time and effort to them, has played an important role in the celebration and recognition of student achievement at UNB Saint John.

In addition to the important role he plays in preserving the University's sense of tradition and ceremony, Dr. Humphries is also a dedicated and hard-working member of faculty. One of those individuals who continues year after year to provide substantial service in a variety of University, Campus, Faculty and Departmental Committees, he is currently a member of Senate and is Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee, Chair of the Faculty Curriculum Committee, Chair of the Faculty Nominating Committee and Secretary of Faculty Council. The time and energy he gives to these roles is certainly worthy of note.

Dr. Humphries has taken on substantial administrative roles while continuing to provide a substantial level of service to the Department of Physical Sciences, and while carrying a high teaching load. His voluntary overload courses, the services he provides as an examiner of graduate theses, and the role he plays as an adviser for students have all contributed to the success of many students at UNB Saint John. Robyn Humphries has always been there for our students.

The conferring of the University Service Award is an appropriate and fitting way to formally note Dr. Humphries' many contributions to the University of New Brunswick in Saint John and to express the University's thanks for his hard work on its behalf.