Reginald Craft   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Reg Craft has left an indelible mark on UNB.  The Saint John native received his BA degree from UNBF in 1968, and followed that with a UNB MA degree in 1971.  He did his doctoral studies at the University of Stirling in Scotland, receiving his PhD in1976, but was making the move to “UNB employee” before that time.  He did a research project for UNB Counselling Services in 1974 and worked as a replacement counselor in 1975.   By 1976, he was a full-time UNB Counsellor, and he has been Director of Counselling Services since 1998.

Reg Craft has spent a career combining a steady hand and a visionary heart.  He has remained an active learner in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy throughout his career, and his voracious reading and active mind always kept him at the forefront of best practices in North American university counseling on the one hand, but anchored to the roots of his discipline on the other.  His sense of inner calm was and is contagious for his staff, his colleagues and, most especially, the students with whom he dealt so wisely and well.

It was the students with whom he dealt who were always Reg Craft’s prime concern.  His techniques of active listening and spreading of calm were models to his staff and constant resources for the students who turned to him at their most vulnerable.  He took the urgent intakes willingly and judiciously from the days of his early career to these last years when he combined a regular client load and the running of the largest team within UNB Student Affairs and Services with these daily emergency cases.

In his letter of retirement, he wrote, “I would like to thank all those students who have taken the chance to let me into their life in the hope that together we could resolve issues that were blocking them in moving forward.”

He did it so well, and we wish Reg and his wife, Sandra every joy in their retirement years.

Anne Forrestall

Student Services