Pierre E. Zundel  2001 UNB Teaching Professor

In his nine years at UNB's Fredericton campus, Pierre Zundel has proven himself to be both an excellent teacher and a dynamic leader of quality post-secondary education. As a teacher, he has had a significant impact on his students and his peers. As a leader, he has had a profound effect on UNB - in the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management and most recently Renaissance College - and to forestry education across North America.

First and foremost, Pierre's concern is with students and their education. Pierre is an excellent teacher and has been successful at helping students become competent foresters and forest engineers. He has taught a variety of courses at all levels in both the Forest Ecosystem Management and Forest Engineering programs. Pierre believes that a university education extends beyond technical competence, though, and he has been instrumental in identifying, defining and promoting professional competence in structured problem solving, effective communication, and critical thinking among other important professional abilities. Largely due to his leadership, these competencies are now being integrated into the Forest Engineering program. In addition to helping students acquire technical and professional competence, Pierre holds to a high standard of ethics ensuring that faculty-student interactions are fair, open, and unbiased, and serving to provide a "no fear" environment for students to grow emotionally as well as intellectually. As witness to this, Forest Engineering student Brett Nodello said recently,

Dr. Zundel shows a genuine interest in both the subject matter he teaches and in the success of each of his students. I believe this, and his uncanny ability to communicate difficult concepts, make him an extremely effective professor.

Not only has Pierre been an effective 'teacher' of students, he has been a 'teacher' to his peers as well. He is an enthusiastic and effective team player and has been generous in sharing his expertise, brainstorming new ideas, and coaching new faculty. His leadership has been key to creating a learning environment where faculty members grow and prosper intellectually.

In the mid 1990s, Pierre was one of the curriculum reform leaders in the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management who changed the Forest Ecosystem Management program and introduced problem-based and later outcomes-based learning to the Faculty. More recently, he has helped move discussions about outcomes and professional competence from talk to implementation and refinement.

While acting as an effective contributor to the Forest Engineering Program and Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management, Pierre is also applying his energy, leadership, and expertise to Renaissance College, helping establish it as the premiere leadership program in Canada.

Pierre's influence and contribution to post-secondary education extends beyond UNB. He has authored 11 papers on education and given several workshops which are having an influence on peers and forestry programs across North America. He is actively involved in forestry accreditation both in Canada and the United States, serving as a member of accreditation teams and working with the Society of American Foresters and the Canadian Institute of Forestry to develop outcomes based standards for accrediting university degree programs.

Pierre's contribution to university teaching is unique because of its scope as well as its quality. He has been both an effective practitioner as well as a scholar of education. Students, colleagues, the Forest Engineering Program, the Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management Faculty, UNB, and the forestry profession have all benefited greatly from his effort, contribution, and leadership. He is most deserving of the designation University Teaching Professor, and his recognition will certainly reflect UNB's high standards of educational excellence.

Presented by David MacLean, Dean of Forestry & Environmental Management
February 16, 2001