Phillip Wright   2003 UNB Service Award Recipient

Dr. Philip Wright joined the Faculty of Physical Education in 1974 and since then, has given generously of his time and talents to serve the Faculty, the University and the community of Fredericton.

Among his many contributions has been his dedication to ensuring that varsity and community athletes have had the opportunity to benefit from the sport experience. In addition to the requirements of his academic appointment, he was Head Coach of the UNB Women's Varsity Basketball team in 1975-76; Associate Coach of the Men's Varsity Basketball team from 1976 to 1988; and Head Coach of the Men's Varsity Basketball team from 1988 to 1992. In 1997, he became Head Coach at George Street Middle School and then in 1999, he began with the Fredericton High School Junior Varsity Basketball team. This year he was appointed Head Coach of the varsity boys' basketball program at Fredericton High School.

Through his involvement with his players, he has influenced the growth and development of many young students. He has also served as an effective ambassador for the University and a key recruiter as many of his middle school and high school players have gone on to play at UNB. His influence continues to spread because he has served as a mentor to a number of former athletes who have become coaches in the community.

Dr. Wright has also been heavily involved with service to the University. He has been a member of Senate since 1994 and Chair of the Senate Undergraduate Scholarship Committee, the Senate Student Services Committee, and the Senate Student Standings and Promotion Committee. Dr. Wright has also served faithfully as University Marshal for Encaenia and Convocation since 1996.

From the faculty perspective, Phil has assumed a variety of administrative and service roles. He has been on the Assessment Committee, he has been the Faculty Coordinator for the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, and he is a member of the Undergraduate Management Committee. In these roles, he has been instrumental in program administration, curricular revision and the development of new degree programs. Dr. Wright has also been heavily involved in high school advising and has supervised several master's students and served on over 40 graduate examining and advisory committees.

Phil has also been involved with the UNB Summer Sports Camps, introducing hundreds of potential students to UNB. He has been an active member of the local Rotary Club and currently serves as a Host Counsellor for a Rotary International Scholarship student from Japan studying for an MA in English at UNB.

In sum, Dr. Wright has made extraordinary contributions to both the University and his community during his more than 25 years at UNB. His contributions have had a positive impact on all those with whom he has worked. He is a most deserving candidate of the UNB Service Award.

Presented by Cynthia Stacey, Professor of Kinesiology
February 7, 2003