Peter Coates   2002 UNB Service Award Recipient

Like so many things in the University, successful fund raising is built on good, solid research. I remember, in 1985, when Reg Tweeddale was called upon to establish a Development Office for UNB, he suggested that we should build a file on each of our current and potential donors so detailed that we would even know what colour socks he or she liked to wear.

While we have not gone quite that far, there is no question that since Peter Coates joined the staff of Development and Donor Relations in 1995, his work as a Research Officer has been fundamental to UNB's fund-raising success.

With the information uncovered and compiled by him, we are able to identify key potential donors, understand their interests and motivations, develop targeted cultivation strategies, make appropriate and effective approaches to them, advise and inform our key volunteers about the solicitation calls they are to make, and conduct appropriate and timely stewardship of gifts. He is both the memory and the conscience of the Office, keeping track of important dates, events, connections and opportunities that bind the University to its donors and them to us.

Peter carries out his responsibilities with the highest degree of professionalism, discretion and judgment. He is prepared to commit whatever time is required to support the University's advancement efforts, frequently working after hours and on weekends. During The Venture Campaign, Peter's superior work formed the foundation for the several hundred successful fund raising calls that were made by the President, senior volunteers, and campaign staff. And, as you know, we ultimately raised more than $40 million on our $30-million goal.

Since that major effort has been completed, Peter has applied himself not only to our continued fund raising efforts but also to ensuring campaign gifts have been utilized within the institution, that donors are kept informed and recognized, and that the groundwork is laid for future requests for support.

Peter has been instrumental in helping to identify worthy candidates for honorary degrees and other major awards. He has developed, on his own initiative, a systematic program of informing deans of their graduates' career achievements so that they can write to congratulate them. He has almost single-handedly organized the Investors Group Distinguished Speakers series over the past five years.

This is not part of any job description. Peter does these things because he is committed to the advancement of UNB, because he recognizes the relationship with our donors does not end after they have given a gift, and because he has applied his considerable intelligence and creativity to developing a prospect research and stewardship office that is second to none in Canada. He avidly follows business developments that may have an impact on UNB, he religiously tracks the careers of those who can do us the most good, and he has a living, working knowledge of who's who in the orbit of UNB. He is proactive in uncovering graduates and friends, previously unknown to the institution, who might be of assistance to us as advocates, partners and donors.

Peter is an exceptional member of our advancement team. He works effectively with his departmental colleagues, members of the Alumni office, senior administrators on both campuses, volunteers and external agencies. He is sensitive, courteous and effective in all that he does. Many outside our Office consider him a valuable resource. He is ready and willing to take on additional duties of all description, from developing policies to revamping our system of counting gifts from alumni so our statistics in Maclean's ranking will be improved.

Though a relative newcomer to UNB, Peter has already distinguished himself as an outstanding employee worthy of the highest recognition we can offer staff. He exemplifies the best qualities we could hope for in any UNB staff member — dedication, thoughtfulness, energy and not the slightest inclination to say, "That's not my job."

Presented by Susan Montague, Director of Development & Donor Relations
February 8, 2002