Patricia Hunter   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Patricia (Pat) Hunter began her career at UNB in 1976.  Originally hired to operate data conversion equipment, Pat’s responsibilities evolved as quickly as the technology she worked with, progressing rapidly from data entry processing to training and supervision of staff with responsibility for production deadlines and system trouble shooting.  Within 10 years, Pat’s responsibilities included the supervision of UNB’s Accounts Payable operation and shortly thereafter, she was appointed Office Supervisor.

As Office Supervisor, Pat’s duties shifted to include more accounting and system management responsibilities.  Striving to do the best job possible, Pat enrolled in a number of BBA courses wishing to improve her understanding and enhance her work experience.  During this time, Pat became very active in CUPE Local 1326, precursor to SALAC, serving on the executive as Unit Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer and on Negotiating, Bylaw and Union Counselling committees.  She also served on the Fredericton District Labour Council Education Committee and the NB Federation of Labour Education Committee.

Her hard work and dedication resulted in a promotion to Accounting Area Supervisor expanding her role to include staff recruitment, supervision, and management.  She became responsible for the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Committee capital reporting and acquired a detailed knowledge of Provincial and Federal Tax and Financial Reporting requirements.  Pat’s new position took her out of the SALAC union, however Pat’s interest in labour issues, coupled with her extensive experience and genuine concern for the welfare of UNB and its employees, led to her appointment to the UNB Bargaining Committee (1993-2001) and the SALAC Appeals Committee (2001-present).

In 2004, Pat was promoted once again with a new job title of Manager of Accounts Payable & Disbursement Services encompassing overall planning and management of Accounts Payable including compliance with UNB policies and procedures, Canada Revenue Agency and internal controls, as well as hiring, supervision and management of seven full time and several part/time student staff.

Pat has been an active participant in numerous committees and teams.  The Datatel Implementation team and Data Integrity Committee have had a direct impact on her work.  Others, like her labour relations work have benefited UNB as a whole.  Always willing to lend a hand, Pat has been an enthusiastic volunteer for UNB, participating in everything from conference organization to canvassing during major fund raising campaigns.

Over the course of her career Pat has trained, supervised and mentored many student employees.  Long before the UNB work-study program was developed, Financial Services recruited and hired BBA students offering them valuable and relevant work experience.  For many students Pat was their first supervisor.  Pat’s most effective training tools are her strong work ethic, positive /can do attitude and wonderful sense of humour.  She leads by example, instilling in her employees confidence in their abilities, a sense of accomplishment, the satisfaction of doing the job well and the importance of teamwork.  Always a team player Pat would never ask her employees to work hours or do a job she herself was not willing to do.  A number of the BBA students she has worked with have gone on to become long-term employees of UNB.

In the words of two of her co-workers:

I can’t express strongly enough how happy I am to have Pat as part of the Financial Services team.  She is a hard working self-starter and is liked and highly respected both by her co workers, and those she serves in the broader University community.  UNB is lucky to have someone with Pat’s talent and dedication as part of our organization.” ... Larry Guitard, AVP (Finance & Corporate Services) & Comptroller

Pat Hunter is an excellent example of what UNB wishes to represent: professional, approachable and a problem-solver.  She has demonstrated diligence, patience and a readiness to innovate.  Pat Hunter is someone we can only hope to emulate.”...TimWalker, Director of Resource, Planning and Budgeting

It is fitting that she is being recognized in a public manner for her years of service to the University.

Cindy Flann
Larry Guitard
Financial Services