Merzik Kamel   2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Professor Merzik Kamel joined the University of New Brunswick in 1981 as an Assistant Professor in Mathematics.  He came to UNB (Saint John) after spending 2 years with Mount Allison University, 2 years with the University of Puerto Rico. 

Beyond his teaching and student supervision duties, he provided effective leadership by holding the positions of Chair of the Division of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and  Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences for two consecutive terms. His effective administrative skills also extended to hold the position of Director of Graduate Studies of the Mathematics and Statistics GAU for both campuses.

His service to the University of New Brunswick spans various activities including the teaching of one hundred and thirty eight undergraduate and graduate courses, and serving on more than one hundred and twenty university committees. He is a member of the Saint John Senate, with extensive service on Senate Committees and AP & R.

Dr. Kamel has worked relentlessly on introducing the Mathematics and Statistics Majors programmes, overhauling the Data Analysis program, and the creation of the Financial Mathematics programme. He introduced many new courses, including the most recent Calculus for the Life Sciences, and has been heavily involved in curriculum matters and chairing all levels of curriculum committees.

It is perhaps in the promotion of Mathematical Sciences that Dr. Kamel deserves the most recognition.  Over the last decade and a half, he has been very active in the creation of strategic alliances in the high school system as a way of increasing enrollment in the departments he chaired. He devoted large blocks of time to providing career advice and course selection to incoming and existing students. His skills in transcript evaluation and inter-university transfer credits are commendable. He has been an active judge and co-chief judge for the Fundy Regional Science Fair.

At the regional level, he has been involved with the Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences (APICS). He moved from being the first representative of this campus on APICS to serving as an APICS Executive Committee Member for a four-year term. He Chaired and Vice-Chaired the APICS Mathematics and Statistics Committee for a six-year period. He has been a member of the APICS Education Committee since 2001, and organized an APICS Conference at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John.

At the national level, Dr. Kamel has attracted and chaired a national conference (the 10th Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics) to our campus. The conference attracted more than 200 North American and international delegates.

Dr. Kamel’s contributions to the scientific community at large include his acting as a referee for a number of journals, (including Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, Acoustical Society of America, Applied Mechanics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, and Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Applications), and his involvement in the evaluation of the work of others (be it the promotion of faculty members at other institutions or the evaluation of graduate students’ theses).

On the research side, Dr. Kamel is an active, highly productive researcher who devoted his career to non-redundant, cutting edge applied mathematical research in the area of fluid mechanics. His findings are published in prominent refereed journals. On the teaching side, Dr. Kamel is a well-respected educator who is well-known in this region. He is highly devoted to the success of his students. His effective teaching is reflected in his exemplary teaching evaluations, which have been recognized through the Faculty of SASE teaching award and the Stuart Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Kamel commands the respect of his students and colleagues. His service to the University of New Brunswick has been outstanding, and he has been an excellent ambassador in the promotion of Mathematical Sciences at all scenes. He truly exemplifies the spirit of this Award.

M.H. Hamdan, Professor

Department of Mathematical Sciences