Melinda Tolliver   2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Melinda served 14 Years at UNB as an Administrative Assistant in the Associate Vice-President (Capital Planning and Property Development) office.

Melinda served in this capacity in a very able and competent manner, ensuring that the office functioned smoothly and the reports and material for the Properties Committee of the Board were clear and concise. While in many circumstances, these attributes alone would make one eligible for a distinguished service award, it is really Melinda’s positive energy, enthusiasm, caring attitude and can do attitude that sets her apart. 

To fully understand this aspect of Melinda and to convey the warmth and joy that she brought to UNB, in particular, to those who she most closely interacted with in Sir Howard Douglas Hall, Physical Plant and the Security Department, here are a few examples: 

  • Melinda was always the first person to celebrate the seasons and special occasions at UNB with festive decorations and rallying people into helping.
  • Melinda would organize an annual end-of-year seasonal collection, a bonus,  to help the cleaners in the Sir Howard Douglas Hall with extra expenses.
  • She would ensure that treats were available each Halloween for the children from the College Hill Day Care when they would trick or treat in Sir Howard Douglas Hall.  She always arranged elaborate decorations and costumes to entertain the children and liven up the spirits of her co-workers.
  • She kept the “birthday inventory” and ensured co-workers received a cake and a song on their birthday.
  • Melinda spearheaded the annual daffodil fundraiser within Sir Howard Douglas Hall in support of Cancer research.
  • She kept a stash of treats for the President and others for those moments when  a mid-afternoon sugar rush was needed.
  • She maintained a strong liaison between Physical Plant and the President’s office to ensure that the President’s house was well maintained and any problems properly addressed.
  • She maintained a strong liaison with Security to ensure that any misguided tickets for visiting dignitaries were discreetly managed.

In summary, Melinda was very proficient and competent in her job but her energy, enthusiasm, caring and love for UNB and her fellow employees is a the special reason why she has been nominated for the Distinguished Service Award.

Dan Murray

Vice-President (Finance and Corporate Services)

Barb Nicholson
Associate Vice-President (Capital Planning & Property Development)