Lorna Clyde - 2017 Distinguished Service Award

Lorna Clyde started working at UNB in temporary positions at the Registrar’s Office in the early 1980’s and started her full time career as a Clerk at the Bookstore in August of 1982.  From there, Lorna moved to Financial Services in 1995 where she transitioned from a Clerk to Supervisor to her current position Assistant Manager.

As a Clerk PL-3 in Financial Services, Lorna was responsible for serving students and staff at the counter, processing refunds cheques and tuition waivers, to name a few duties.  Her responsibilities increased when she took on the role of Clerk PL-4 and these included the monitoring of special programs offered at UNB such as Co-Op, Roytec and off-campus Nursing programs.   She also analyzed the data on students’ accounts and made corrections as necessary as well as meeting with students who were in financial difficulty and assisting them in finding ways to meet their financial obligations at UNB.

Lorna accepted the challenge of Supervisor of Student Accounts in 2001 and later, Assistant Manager.  These new roles saw her assuming more responsibility within Student Accounts.  She is jointly responsible for the interviewing and hiring of staff; supervising two Supervisors and four full time staff and acting as back-up to the Manager in her absence.  Excellent customer service is always top of mind and Lorna holds regular staff meetings to discuss ways that this can be achieved for UNB’s students and staff.  She works closely with several departments on campus such as Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, College of Extended Learning and Residence Life, as well as various departments on the Saint John campus, to ensure the student experience is a positive one.

She has been instrumental in the testing and implantation of new projects within Student Accounts, including as BMO’s REMCON platform, Plastiq, Higher Ed Points and Western Union Global Pay to name a few.

Caring for employees and their representation has always been important to Lorna.  Prior to entering her role as a Supervisor, she was a long time member of the executive group for CUPE and UNBEA.  During this time, she was part of the negotiating team as well as the Treasurer with the Union. 

In addition to her job responsibilities, Lorna has been involved in various committees within UNB. Most recently, she was a member of a the Planning Committee for the customer service seminar held on campus called, Responding Well on the Front Lines and was involved in a follow-up webinar and workshop.

Lorna possesses a strong passion for fairness, equality and recognition for her co-workers and employees.  She is highly respected by the staff within Financial Services and throughout the UNB community.  Nominating her for this recognition was an easy choice to make.

Richelle Corey
Student Accounts and Receivable Services Manager
Financial Services