Linda Smith   2001 UNB Service Award Recipient

This award recognizes Ms. Linda Smith's service to the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering and to the UNBSJ campus as a whole. Ms. Smith's ability to help students, faculty and staff with an unfailingly kind and professional manner has been one of the keystones of the Faculty through a period of time in which the faculty, and campus, has undergone much change and growth. Her dedication to the faculty, campus and University is an inspiration and one that deserves recognition.

Ms. Smith can be relied on for her extensive knowledge of the wide variety of matters that effect the working life of the faculty, from NSERC procedures to budget amounts to meeting procedures and how these relate to each other. In addition to providing a very high level of support for the day-to-day operation of the faculty, Ms. Smith has introduced various innovations; for example, the Dean's List certificates; the first examples of which were given to BBA students on the Beijing Concord College Campus. Without Ms. Smith's help and guidance a great deal of the seemingly ordinary and routine work would simply never happen and this makes her work anything but routine and ordinary.

However, even with all of Ms. Smith's professional attributes and remarkable work ethic, it is her steady approach and professional concern that really distinguish her contribution to the Academy. Without a doubt, Linda's calm style and genuine concern for those seeking help has saved the day in countless ways many times over.