Kevin Bonner   2006 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Kevin Bonner has been a member on both the UNB Fredericton and UNB Saint John campus communities for over 15 years.  During this time Kevin has held many different positions including Employment Counsellor, Assistant Director, and most recently Director of Student Services.  But one thing has remained unchanged – his dedication and commitment to students and to the advancement of the university.

Kevin is a strong supporter of student issues and works hard on their behalf.  He advocates for fair treatment and encourages students to strive for their academic goals.  As director of Student Services, Kevin is committed to providing the services that help to make these goals a reality.  When students do get off track, Kevin is there to help them pick up the pieces and navigate the sometimes daunting student appeals process.  Kevin’s ability to see all sides of an issue and to anticipate the needs of students has enabled the department to be proactive in developing its program offerings.  Recently, Kevin has been instrumental in the opening of the Student Health Centre, which in the short time it has been operating has already made a huge impact on the lives of students. 

As an administrator, Kevin sits on a number of committees and participates in countless events and functions.  Kevin always has the best interests of the student body at heart and is quick to voice these considerations when the university is making influential or difficult decisions which will impact students.  Kevin is involved with every step of a student’s journey at UNB Saint John from creating a welcoming environment at Orientation, to eating samosas at the Bangladeshi Students Association dinner, to wrangling ushers at convocation. 

Kevin has also been at the forefront of the move to advance the university with a keen interest in ensuring that UNB Saint John reaches it full potential.  Kevin has been actively involved in the residence community, with Alumni, and with Advancement, for example, he has taken on the role of Campaign Co-Chair for the current “Forging our Futures” fundraising campaign.

Along with being an advocate for students and the university, Kevin’s calm manner and quick sense of humour make him a pleasure to work with.  Kevin is a very supportive and encouraging manager.  He has the ability to provide guidance and direction, while still giving his staff a sense of ownership, responsibility and freedom over their areas of expertise.  Kevin believes in his staff’s ability to manage their areas; however, he is always there to step in and advocate on their behalf.  Kevin’s open door policy make him accessible to staff and students alike. 

In short, Kevin Bonner has indeed made a significant impact in the lives of students and in the growth and momentum of the university.  Kevin is truly dedicated to UNB Saint John and is most deserving of this recognition.

read by Renea Sleep

April 19, 2006