Kerry Hoyt   2012 Distinguished Service Award

Kerry joined UNB Saint John in 1991 as a secretary to the Chief Librarian. She took on other duties as required such as bibliography searching and maintaining the Statistics Canada collection. As of 2006 she also served as a part-time Administrative Assistant to the Administrative Coordinator for the Dean of SASE. She served in this position for two years before moving on as the Department of Computer Science & Applied Statistics secretary in August of 2008 while still holding a 0.5 position in the Library.

Kerry stepped into the shoes of Linda Smith, an 18-year veteran of the Dean of Science, Applied Science & Engineering Office, in December of 2009. She dove into the job and managed the intense learning curve by combining a strong work ethic with a positive outlook. Kerry is surprisingly strong and able to handle confrontational situations with ease. She has exceptional people skills and a seemingly endless well of patience.

I have heard numerous comments on Kerry’s professional and pleasant demeanor from faculty and staff across the campus, such as the one from Dr. Linda Yetman, Chair of Department of Nursing & Health Sciences:

Kerry’s professionalism and attention to detail is only outdone by her smile that is always present on her face. I would like to specifically comment on her help to me when I applied for my position. [She was] really the ‘first face contact of UNB Saint John’ [and] certainly spurred me on to proceed with my application!      

Kerry single-handedly manages the many onerous duties and responsibilities of a dean’s office without complaint. The job, as the other deans at UNB Saint John and their assistants well understand, goes well beyond the scope of one staff person but, despite this, she continues to comment on what a great place this is to work!

Ruth Shaw
March 14, 2012