Kay Fox  2001 UNB President's Medal Recipient

With her retirement in June 2000, Kay Fox completed 26 years of exemplary service to the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton campus. Kay joined UNB and the Registrar's Office in 1974 as Room Reservations Clerk- a position she held for a period of ten years. In this position, she was responsible for the timely and accurate booking of all the classrooms and lecture theaters on campus, both for regular classes and, during the evenings and weekends, for student and community group functions. Since this was before computer software packages, Kay performed the complex tasks for scheduling and reservations using nothing but a vast array of wall charts of the University buildings and rooms, along with file cards of the room capacities. Nonetheless, Kay's cheerful and enthusiastic manner while performing any assigned responsibility ensured that she represented the Registrar's Office and the University in a very positive way. During this time, she made many valuable contacts with faculty members and departmental staff on campus, which stood her in good stead during the rest of her career at UNB.

For it was in 1984, when she was promoted to Supervisor of Data Control and Reception in the Registrar's Office, that Kay really came into her own as a one of the 'brightest lights' on campus. Kay ensured that the very best of service was provided at all times to anyone who contacted the reception area, be it by telephone, by personal visit, or in recent years, by the ever-present e-mail. Each and every one of the staff members whom she supervised over the years appreciated and loved her. Kay brought out and nourished the most positive aspects in all her colleagues. But most important of all over the last sixteen years, it was with the many students who needed her help that Kay shone. She always made time for each one who came to her door. She listened to them, offered sympathy and help where needed, and coordinated with other departments on campus on their behalf. In return, they often popped in just to say "Hello"; they wrote her thank you notes, brought her flowers, and telephoned her, often long after their graduations.

The very large contingent from all areas of the University community who attended Kay's retirement reception last June was a true testament to the 26 years of love and caring that Kay gave to UNB. To quote the former Registrar, Deanne Dennison: "Kay was a dependable employee with a remarkable understanding of the University - its students, its staff and its mission. She served the University with a joy that was an inspiration to others, always doing the best that was possible and, in some instances, going well beyond the normal expectations of any employee."

Kay, we salute you and wish you well in your retirement years.

Presented by David Hinton, Acting Registrar
February 16, 2001