Jeanette Robertson   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

I am so happy that Lloyd has asked me to stand in on his behalf, representing the College, in honor of Jeanette or Jar, as we call her. I am absolutely certain that Lloyd is raising a glass in your honor today, on a beach somewhere, in Punta Cana, DR.  We can be sure of that!

For those of you who do not know Jar, she is our true flower child at CEL. She originally hails from Hemingford Quebec, where she was born and raised with three brothers, in a rural farming area.

Jeanette was actually quite a free spirit in her younger years and she tried out many different parts of our wonderful country before settling in Fredericton, at UNB.  I won’t get into the stories, but I assure you, she has a few to share…

Joking aside, as soon as the request for nomination was released by the President’s office, Lloyd and I immediately identified Jar as our nominee from CEL. Not only does she have the experience that only 25 years of dedication can bring, but also she has a key ingredient to the success of this institution- compassion for the students.  As administrators and academics, we can sometimes lose sight of what matters most- the students. But if you stand by Jar’s desk for any amount of time, you quickly discover that is her focus.

I could take time to read you numerous testimonials from students who have voiced their gratitude for her taking the time to help them out when seemingly, no one else would. They seek her out at graduation time, to let her know they have made it and that she has personally contributed to their success. It is truly remarkable.

But, what I want to take a few moments to say at this time, on Jeanette’s behalf is that this award is much more than a staff award to her.

Jar has been working diligently on her Certificate in Adult Education for a number of years, and she recently completed this program, but she has never had the opportunity to walk across the stage to receive a diploma from the President of our University. So, for Jar, this is it- this is her star, and this is her moment to shine.

Jeanette- on behalf of CEL and UNB, we thank you and we applaud you on your success!

Tricia Fournier-Hoyt

Lloyd Henderson
College of Extended Learning