Jane MacKay   2006 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

To try to express into words the appreciation the SRC (Student Representative Council) feels for Mrs. MacKay’s service and devotion over the past 16 years, is truly a monumental task.  I know that even being nominated is an honor, you will not find a more deserving candidate than Mrs. MacKay.  When looking back on my professional experiences with her, I can honestly say, she is the glue that holds the SRC together.  Her wisdom on all operational matters concerning the SRC is second to none and her knowledge of the SRC is only superseded by her love for the students.

I know that if I was on the award committee I would keep the following criteria in mind in helping select a successful recipient;

- Has he/she gone above and beyond there job description in providing service for UNB Saint John students?

- Does he/she help facilitate the student’s positive experience at UNB Saint John?

- Does the applicant embody everything that UNB Saint John stands for?

With out going in to great detail, the obvious answer to the above criteria questions is a unanimous "yes" in the case of Mrs. MacKay.  Honestly, I could go on forever in trying to do Mrs. MacKay justice, and in trying to let the committee know just how much she is appreciated and loved by everyone she works with in the SRC, and how deserving she is, but I have a feeling, you already understand.


Michael Dobbelsteyn

SRC President 2005/2006