Gopalan Srinivasan   2003 UNB Research Professor

Dr. Gopalan Srinivasan has published more than 70 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings in a number of different areas. His research varies widely and has included supply chain management/inventory theory, working capital management, accounting policies, corporate finance, investments, international business and human development index. Among the journals in which his research has appeared are: Management Science, Decision Sciences, The European Journal of Operational Research, IIE Transactions, Sankhya and Omega.

Dr. Srinivasan is also the current holder of a four-year NSERC grant and has received NSERC grants for seven previous years. In addition, and somewhat remarkable, is the fact that he has also received SSHRC grants — in 1991-92, he received a SSHRC grant in accounting (which was one of only four grants in that division in the country) and in 1992-93, he received a three-year SSHRC grant (which was one out of seven in the country). At one time, he held both NSERC and SSHRC grants.

Srini (as he is fondly called), has also served on a number of editorial boards as an external reviewer of NSERC grant applications and as an external examiner for a number of PhD theses. He has supervised and reviewed a number of master's theses project and has acted as a member of thesis advisory committees for doctoral students. He has also been an author of course material for the Certified General Accountants of Canada and has served as an examiner for that body.

Dr. Srinivasan's achievements have been recognized a number of times in the past. He has received the UNB Merit Award, the faculty of Administration's Excellence in Research Award, the Faculty of Administration's Excellence in Teaching Award, and the MBA Society's Professor Recognition Award.

The breadth and depth of his research is remarkable, spanning across topics from finance and accounting through to operations research, inventory management and human development indices.

Dr. Gopalan Srinivasan is among the most deserving of candidates to receive the honour of University Research Professor.

Presented by Dan Coleman, Dean of Administration
April 4, 2003