Glenn Cleland   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Glenn joined the Faculty of Business Administration as the founding director of the Centre for Financial Studies in 2002 with a mandate to build academic and business partnerships and develop financial expertise in the region. Under his energetic leadership, the Centre, and its core program, the Student Investment Fund (SIF), have expanded to gain the attention and respect of academic and financial communities across the country.

The Student Investment Fund was originally started by visionary faculty members within the finance area of the Faculty of Business Administration as a collaborative effort between the Faculty of Business Administration and the New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation (NBIMC). Glenn was involved in this initiative from the beginning—first as a member of NBIMC and later as the Centre for Financial Studies founding director. It is worth noting that the SIF program was the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, and one of a few such programs in North America.NBIMC initially entrusted SIF with the investment responsibility for $1 million of its pension fund. Students, under the guidance of Glenn and other advisors, have since grown the initial investment to more than $2.2 million through astute investment decision-making. Its investment portfolio has outperformed other student-managed funds, both nationally and internationally. The TSX recently called the SIF program Canada’s leading university financial services education program. It has become a role model for collaborative and experiential learning for the faculty.The SIF program and its students have won many awards. For example, in 2003, SIF students were the first Canadian university students to win an investment category and subsequently to place second overall in the Redefining Investment Strategy Education symposium—a global competition for student-managed funds.  The following year, a new cohort of SIF students continued to outperform much larger schools with yet another first-place ranking in the hybrid investment category. In fact, SIF students have won in one or more categories three out of the last five years.The Student Investment Fund program separates itself from most other North American student-managed funds in that it has an embedded study program for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.  Glenn works tirelessly with the SIF students, mentoring them throughout the program and teaching a CFA level one exam preparation course. Because of his efforts, our SIF students have consistently outperformed global average pass rates on the uniform CFA exam. For example, in 2006, the 78% pass rate of our students far exceeded the global pass rate of 40%.A recent addition to the Centre’s programs, the Futures Atlantic Symposium, has used the network of finance industry professionals which Glenn has built to formalize and complete the experiential learning cycle by assisting students in gaining employment. Glenn and the Centre’s staff organized the sponsorship of many financial firms in major cities, the involvement of academics and staff within universities across Atlantic Canada, and the participation of students to result in an extraordinarily successful outreach initiative that has now become an annual recurring event.

Anyone who knows Glenn personally knows that his energy and passion for the Centre for Financial Studies and its students are boundless. He has been a tireless promoter of experiential and collaborative learning for the Faculty of Business Administration. He is constantly seeking new ways to build and improve the Centre and the learning experience for students. You will never find Glenn at a loss for something new to try or in seeking ways to improve the existing programs. When you talk to him, you can’t help but be swept up by his fervor and enthusiasm. He is truly deserving of this recognition.

Dan Coleman
Business Administration