Gary Worrell   2012 President's Medal

I would like draw your attention to Dr. Gary Worrell for recognition of his service to the University.

With his Masters in hand, Gary began his service at UNB Saint John in 1976 as a lecturer in Physical Education.  Over the next decade, he was also the Assistant Director of Athletics, the Men’s Soccer Coach, and the Men’s Hockey Coach.  In 1984, Gary became an Assistant Professor of Physical Education (later renamed Kinesiology and then Sports & Exercise Psychology). He earned his PhD in 1987 and was granted tenure in 1990.

Gary has always been a devoted educator.  He has created two new programs on our campus, developed and single-handedly managed the Sports & Exercise Psychology (SEP) program and is in the process of redeveloping SEP as he prepares to retire.  He has taught no less than 41 different undergraduate courses, 4 graduate courses, and 3 different activity courses (for Physical Education). He has always been a popular professor with students as student opinion surveys indicate.  More importantly, he has always made time for students, coaching them not just through their university lives but also through their careers.

Gary has also provided a leadership role in terms of University administration.  He was the Chair of the Department of Social Sciences from April of 2004 until June of 2011.  He served on Senate and has sat on at least 14 different Senate Committees and 12 different Campus Committees.

Gary does not limit his service to the Saint John campus.    He is an active volunteer in the community, both personally and as a representative of UNB Saint John.  For instance, Gary and his students regularly coordinate the Salvation Army Christmas Exchange and he coordinates his introductory students to serve as per mentors at Hazen White - Saint Francis School.  Gary teaches his students to care about people, even to the point of having them learn the names of professors and staff outside of his program and the housekeeping staff; service and caring is a part of who Gary is and what he teaches.

Gary has also kept up an active role in research and dissemination both as a conference presenter and as a public commentator for local and national broadcasts.

In summary, Gary has been and I fully expect will continue to be and excellent ambassador for UNB Saint John.  For this reason, I think he should be recognized by the University.

Rob Moir, Chair of Social Sciences
March 14, 2012