Gary Munn   2004 UNB Service Award Recipient

Gary Munn has been nominated on the basis of his outstanding service to the Department of Physical Plant and to the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton campus. While he is viewed as quiet and unassuming, the work that he does is very visible at the Fredericton campus.

Gary has been employed for 18 years in the Department of Physical Plant primarily as a Gardener/Tractor Operator. With over 20 years' experience, he has a sound knowledge of gardening, landscaping and snow removal, and uses those skills in an above-average manner in the work he undertakes on campus.

Whether Gary is wearing gardening gloves or winter mitts, his work ethic is very apparent in the manner in which he approaches his work. Working with little supervision, he plans for the various seasons, whether for spring and autumn plantings, pruning shrubs, covering the flowers and shrubs to minimize winter damage, or preparing for winter snow removal. Gary's knowledge and dedication confirm that his mission is to exhibit the beauty of the Fredericton campus.

In the winter, he wastes no time in getting to work removing snow by the trackless MT and ensuring that the sidewalks are salted and sanded as soon as needed. He is often found working the night shift, moving and hauling away snow to maximize the available parking spaces and readying the campus for the next day.

While most people appreciate the end product of Gary's efforts, few appreciate the planning, dedication, long hours and hard work that goes into Gary's every work day. Gary clearly goes beyond the call of duty. Over many, many years he has consistently provided a quality end result, with minimal supervision and a modest budget. His work ethic and reliability are impeccable, and he is rated top notch in character and personality. He is a mentor to others and openly passes on his knowledge to those working with him. Gary goes about his job with eagerness, does it to the best of his ability, is self-motivated and is respected by his peers and managers.

Gary's outstanding service to the University is clearly visible as one walks or drives through the campus. What is not often recognized is that everything he does is with dedication ensuring that the Fredericton campus always looks as attractive as he can make it. Gary is truly a quality individual.

Presented by Mike Carter
Director of Physical Plant
March 26, 2004