Emin Civi   2012 University Teaching Scholar Recipient

Emin's teaching career started  in Turkey and continued at the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint john Dr Civi has quickly become member of the campus community supervising graduate  students, sitting on the Curriculum Committee and acting as coach to Marketing Teams at case competitions.. He has an international reputation not only as a quality educator  but also as a researcher He has published widely on his area and represents UNB at many international high profile conferences, symposia and seminars.. Specializing in Marketing, he has quickly earned a reputation both as an educator with challenging standards and as a mentor who cares deeply for his students.. As one of his former students says "While in Dr.. Civi's class, he always encouraged all of his students to go above and beyond, pushing their potentiaL To me, Dr.. Civi has been not only a professor, but also a mentor."

Emin bases his approach  to teaching and learning on sound preparation and interactive classroom activities that engage, inspire, and challenge his students.. In a world where "engagement" has become a popular catch phrase Dr. Civi lives the definition. One of his former students attests that "Dr Civi's enthusiasm for the subject and for his students created an atmosphere where learning became interesting and where I wanted to succeed and do a good job."

Very positive student  feedback shows the satisfaction that students  derive from working with him, and the care and responsiveness he shows in working with them. To his students, he is an influential teacher, inspiring many of them to pursue  Marketing careers. As one of his students attests "I would just like to reiterate the impact Dr.. Civi has had for me in terms of career choices.. His efforts of encouragement brought me down a path working towards  a future in marketing, and a brighter future for myself in the workforce.. He has no doubt helped build the work ethic I now have, and is one of the most influential individuals I have had the honour meeting."

He is very approachable, and willing to share his time with everyone. His positive energy is always appreciated by his colleagues and students.  I want to conclude with one of his students' statements ''To me Dr Civi is not just a great teacher, he is more than that. He is a truly genuine person who loves what he does and wants nothing more than to see his students do welL His positive energy is infectious and it's always a pleasure when I get an opportunity to talk with him. He is an amazing teacher and an even better  person."

Dr. Shirley Cleave
March 14, 2012