Doreen Crilley - 2017 Speical Recognition Award

Many of you might not have known that Doreen’s last name is Crilley.  This is not because she is unfamiliar to our campus; rather, Doreen is known to all by just one name, rather like “Oprah,” “Cher,” or “Rembrandt.” 

Though she has travelled extensively abroad, Doreen is Fredericton born and raised, and has spent her working life in our community.  UNB has been fortunate to have Doreen as part of our campus for 39 years.  These days you are most likely to see her at the Tilley Hall Café, where she offers advice, support and positive energy as much as coffee, soup, and sandwiches.  She’s a fixture at UNB events and gatherings, and on her ‘days off’ she can be found volunteering with seniors, or working at the Boyce Farmer’s Market breakfast restaurant where she keeps up with people in our community, and greets newcomers to Fredericton.  For many of us, she was among the first to welcome us here.

And, like many known mononymously, “Doreen” is the closest we have to a celebrity at UNB.  She’s been here longer than most, and shows real interest in each of us.  Whether through a sincere question about our families or work, or a joking aside to lighten the mood at any event, Doreen has a way of making anyone feel like the most important person in the room.   

Students and staff on our campus describe Doreen as “part of our lives,” “the heart of UNB,” “an exemplary employee,” and “my Mom away from my Mom.”  None of us who know her would dispute these remarks, because like any good friend, Doreen gives more than she takes, and her support and commitment to our university and its people is unparalleled.  She truly makes a significant difference at UNB on a daily basis.

For her caring nature, hard work, and dedication to students, staff, faculty at UNB and the community at large, Doreen Mildred Crilley is given this Special Recognition Award.

George MacLean
Vice-President Fredericton (Academic)