Dean McCarthy- 2016 Distinguished Service Award

"Very efficient"; "Genuine commitment"; "Dedication to help"; "He is unsurpassed in the area of his expertise"; "He always responded to the various requests in a timely manner and with a smile"; "Dean is a superb technician, professional, sincere, efficient and helpful"; "It is always a pleasure to be interacting with him"; "I like his working style - safe, quick and happy"; "He has always been efficient, punctual, and supportive"; "Dean has always a good word for everyone, which contributes greatly to create a pleasant working atmosphere"; "Dean is professional, prompt and willing to help".

These are a few comments about Dean McCarthy from professors and students in both the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management and the Faculty of Science.  As a chief technician in Forestry and Environmental Management Dean McCarthy has been one of the most helpful staff members in the Faculty.

One of the most admirable characteristics about Dean McCarthy is his willingness to help.  He makes himself available (even during weekends).  For more than 20 years, Dean has been in charge of the operation of the Tweedale Research Centre, which is located off campus.  Dean always delivers quality work in a quick and effieicent way.  He is instrumental in helping students and professors perform their experiments.  He always finds original solutions to practical problems.  He has designed or customized equipment as required for specific purposes and even built several original tools for the various research projects.  He is very knowledgeable in wood machining, experimental set-up, and data logging.  His knowledge extends beyond his technical expertise in wood science to include expertise in motors, boats and electronics.  The nice thing about Dean McCarthy is his willingness to share that vast knowledge with students and professors.  His is also very efficient in managing his time schedule to accommodate every student.

in short, Dean McCarthy makes this Faculty and University without a doubt a better place to learn and work.  Congratulations, Dean McCarthy!