Dan Tanaka   2008 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

As a Communications Manager at the University of New Brunswick, each and every day Dan Tanaka provides solid, thoughtful advice to a host of people, from senior managers and faculty, to student leaders and staff, about how to best position our University in the face of opportunities and issues alike It's Dan's job to manage media relations, develop and implement complex communications plans, manage issues big and small, listen and respond, and in short, tell the UNB story in any number of ways.

Not only is UNB better for his advice, the .individuals he helps are better for it as well Dan is a tremendous mentor.

Dan's ability to effectively mentor others comes as a result of the emphasis he places on relationships, both inside and outside of UNB He invests in relationships, and UNB reaps the rewards as a result Dan receives countless "heads-up" calls before an issue will surprise us, allowing him to develop and implement plans to head off harm to UNB's reputation and tell our story. This is invaluable, and it happens because people trust and like Dan.

Dan is also an effective mentor because he is strategic He takes the time to understand UNB and all of its activities, and he takes the time to understand our broader communities and province and how they connect As a result, Dan seizes opportunities and diverts reputational crises He is a big-picture thinker. He is nimble and he is calm when decisions must be made quickly. He cares deeply about UNB.

Dan's work on UNB's response to the provincial post-secondary education review serves as an example of his ability to think strategically, lean on strong relationships and mentor others.  Dan worked countless hours developing communications plans and documents, and counseling others when the Saint John campus, in particular, felt under siege at the suggestion it be transformed into a polytechnic institute Dan maintained his professionalism throughout these hard, emotional days, and helped others do the same. He delivered against his communications objectives.

Dan enthusiastically embraces change when there is a need for change. The communications and marketing offices in Fredericton and Saint John recently merged, and Dan has not only welcomed this change, he is helping to facilitate it.  Dan also welcomes the changes that will come about as a result of the post-secondary review and UNB's own strategic planning process.  He is committed to making UNB an even better place for students, faculty and staff, our communities and province.

Dan gives back to his community. He is actively involved in Saint John's Vision 2015 strategic planning process, helping to make Saint John stronger.

A strong UNB and a strong community contribute to a strong New Brunswick.

Dan Tanaka is surely playing his part.

Cynthia Goodwin
Communications & Marketing