Carolyn King - 2016 Distinguished Service Award

Carolyn King has been a strong ambassador for UNB for more than 31 years.

Starting in September, 1984 she supported faculty and students in the undergraduate programs of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education. She moved into the graduate office in 1999 and retired from there in September, 2015. To give evidence ofthe extent of her impact, Carolyn has shepherded through 1,993 masters of education students and 40 PhD students in her 16 years in the graduate office.

Graduate students in education are especially important for UNB. Most or them have significant positions within school systems. They are teachers, principals, guidance counsellors, and more.  Their good experiences in our graduate programs turn them into our ambassadors, making UNB a desirable destination for students in all the disciplines . Similarly undergraduate  students in education move into these positions of influence on prospective university students.

We honour Carolyn King for her lovely interactions with our students - first undergraduate students and then graduate students. She showed wit and compassion as she has helped our graduate students navigate their way through their programs and the administrative procedures. She was masterful at suggesting ways to address their financial situations. She had a strong sense of the whole system and a keen interest in listening to students' needs. These two things - knowing the system, and listening- enabled her to be responsive to students' needs and to help them optimize their experience.

Carolyn's interactions with colleagues, including staff and faculty, were consistently respectful and attentive. Thus we have all come to trust her and depend upon her insights and knowledge. She was equally dependable with time, arriving at work well before most others daily .

The Faculty of Education commends Carolyn King for her faithful and thoughtful contributions to the path of so many students. We thank her for being a good colleague and a good friend . We miss her terribly, but we know her retirement  is well-deserved .