Carole Hines   2005 UNB Distinguished Service Award Recipient

When the History Department in Fredericton was asked recently by its Dean to list the five things that make it one of UNB’s top departments, a highly professional and dedicated support staff was on the list.  The core of that superb staff is Mrs. Carole Hines. 

 For 34 years Carole has served UNB, and since 1980 she has been the Administrative Secretary of the History Department.  Carole is the bedrock upon which the Department rests.  It is her job to see that the academic and administrative functions operate smoothly. 

 Past Chairs speak warmly of her efficiency, quiet courtesy and gentle manner. According to one, “She is always one step ahead, always keeps a concerned and practised eye on everything, always foresees what needs to be done and what could go wrong.”  They also speak of her determination to do things right:  Carole has been seen on more than one occasion patiently telling irate faculty (including the occasional Chair) why they cannot have it their way today! 

 Carole runs a smooth departmental office, ably assisted by her long-time colleague Elizabeth Arnold, where faculty and students are handled with the same mixture of courtesy and efficiency.  As a result, Carole has enjoyed the well-earned trust of Department Chairs over the last 24 years.  Over that time she has also been active in the UNB Employees Association and as UNBEA’s representative on the Arts Faculty Council.

 Anyone who has had the pleasure to work closely with Carole Hines will attest to her unassuming sense of duty, propriety and professionalism.  For 34 years she has served this university exceptionally well, and she has won the respect and affection of all who work with her.  It is, therefore, entirely appropriate that Carole Hines be honoured with a Service Award.

 Presented by J. Marc Milner

Chairperson, Department of History

March 23, 2005