Allison McKinnon   2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Allison has been the secretary for the Department of Humanities and Languages since 1997. She has worked under five different department Chairs and numerous changes of discipline coordinators; with the demands of the different disciplines and the changing needs and styles of different Chairs, Allison has provided the guidance and stability needed to keep the department running smoothly.

Along with successfully completing all of the duties and responsibilities associated with her position as secretary for the Dept. of Humanities and Languages, Allison has provided assistance for conferences organized by department members. She helped me organize the first Atlantic Renaissance Conference held at UNBSJ in 2005, and provided Technical Administrative Support to Dr. Virginia Hill who was co-organizing a conference, travelling with Dr. Hill to the University of Bucharest in Romania in June of 2006.

As well as going beyond the call of duty in her job, Allison has involved herself in a number of ways on campus. She was the Secretary for UNB Saint John’s Review Ethics Board for 5 years, Recording Secretary for CUPE Local 3339 for 2 years, and a committee member of UNBSJ’s Family Campaign of the ‘Forging our Futures’ campaign. Currently, Allison is the secretary for the Lorenzo Society (since 2005), and is the Trustee for CUPE Local 3339 from Nov. 2007 to Nov. 2009. She is also currently a member of the Contract Negotiations Team for CUPE Local 3339.

Allison McKinnon has shown continued commitment to the UNB Saint John community, and is deserving of recognition.

Sandra Bell