Alexander Wilson  2001 UNB Service Award Recipient

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Wilson is recognized for his substantial record of service to the UNBSJ community. This service takes many forms, but includes serving on a large number of important committees, including Senate, Curriculum Committees, Budget Committees and Timetable Committees. Dr. Wilson has also been very active in new program development. Committees such as these and new program development require considerable time and patience and Sandy brings a very special kind of commitment and dedication to this work.

Dr. Wilson is also recognized for his service as a Departmental Chair. He has served as Chair of the Psychology Department for two terms. He has an excellent reputation for his objectivity, fairness, and commitment.

Recently Dr, Wilson was called on to serve as acting Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science for a period of two years. Dr. Wilson met the challenge of simultaneously chairing two departments and did a superb job as the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science during a period in which the department was introducing a new four-year program and restructuring.

A professor of statistics and statistical analysis, Dr. Wilson has also "plied his trade," so to speak, assisting in the development and analysis of a number of surveys designed to help us better understand recruitment and retention issues.

Dr. Wilson is recognized for his service to community organizations, as well. He served for several years as a member of the Saint John Branch and the New Brunswick Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association and was a long-time member of UNBSJ's teams in the Labatt 24-hour relay and the Rally of Hope, fundraisers for the Saint John Regional Hospital.