Professor Emeritus honourees

Two outstanding professors who have had distinguished careers at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton will be honoured for their accomplishments at Encaenia.

Rodney Cooper

Professor Emeritus in Computer Science (Ceremony D)

Prof. Rodney Cooper has been integral to the development of Computer Science at UNB.

He joined UNB in 1975 and spent 41 years contributing to computer science, the university and the community through exemplary teaching, research and service. Prof. Cooper was involved in course creation in computer security, information systems and drug design. He was awarded the faculty’s Teaching Award three times and served as the student ombudsman for eight years.

Prof. Cooper was an international reviewer for the United States’ National Science Foundation. His interdisciplinary research included work with the RCMP, aerospace companies, New Brunswick’s department of health and colleagues in chemistry, mechanical engineering and philosophy. He advised and co-chaired committees on the security of critical infrastructure and cyber-security for the provincial government.

An active member of the university community, Prof. Cooper served as don of UNB’s Aitken House residence for almost ten years and twice took on the role of assistant dean of computer science. He did this in addition to supervising doctoral and master’s students, and publishing books, conference papers and journal articles. He also serves as an adjunct professor of Howard University.

Prof. Cooper has been a shaping force in taking computer science from a department, to a school, and finally to a faculty. He is truly deserving of the recognition of Professor Emeritus.

David A. MacLean

Professor Emeritus in Forestry & Environmental Management (Ceremony D)

Dr. David MacLean is an internationally-recognized expert in forest ecology.

He joined UNB in 1999 as dean of Forestry & Environmental Management, after spending 21 years as a research scientist with the Canadian Forest Service. During his two five-year terms as dean, Dr. MacLean led the faculty in development the bachelor of science in environment and natural resources and the master in environmental management.

During his tenure as dean, graduate student numbers doubled and research funding increased dramatically. He has supervised more than 40 graduate students, many of whom are co-authors on more than 250 publications – which have been cited more than 4,500 times.

Dr. MacLean has maintained a very active research program both during and after his terms as dean. He has received more than 60 research grants and has led numerous national and regional research networks. His research has been extremely influential in forest management.

A dedicated leader in his field, Dr. MacLean has served as president of the Association of University Forestry Schools in Canada, chair of the Canadian Model Forest Network and on the boards of nine national and regional organizations. In recognition of his contributions to the field of forestry, he was awarded the prestigious Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award in 2008.

He has had a transformative impact on his field and on UNB and is most deserving of the recognition of Professor Emeritus.

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