13. Supervision of Graduate Students

  • (a)      Students pursuing a course-based graduate degree program must satisfy all program requirements to the satisfaction of the relevant GAUs with the final decision for graduation resting with the SGS. 
  • (b)     Each graduate student pursuing a research-based graduate degree shall have a supervisor (or supervisors) approved by the GAU subject to specific regulations of the GAU. The supervisor(s) must be faculty member(s) who have been approved as members of the SGS by the Executive Committee of the School of Graduate Studies and the Senate(s).
  • (c)      Where the GAU has approved regulations in addition to these regulations, a research-based graduate student working for a higher degree may be supervised by a committee whose membership is in accordance with the specific regulations of the GAU. Each such committee will include the student’s supervisor(s).

An annual progress report on each research-based graduate student (signed by the student, the supervisor(s), and the Director of Graduate Studies in the GAU) will be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the end of August of each calendar year.

In addition, the research-based student's committee shall meet frequently enough to provide effective guidance to the research-based graduate student in his/her program.