4. Probationary Period

A student may be admitted to a Probationary period in either of the two situations outlined below. In both cases the student is required to obtain a grade of B or better in the first four courses identified by the GAU. If the student fails to do so, enrolment in the graduate program will be terminated immediately. A student on Probation is considered to be a regular graduate student and is eligible to receive financial support from the usual sources according to the pertinent guidelines and regulations. 

A probationary period may be defined in terms of either academic terms or credit hours (ch) depending upon the status (full-time or part-time) of the student and nature of the program (thesis, report, or course based). 

A) Probationary Assessment Period (one to three terms, or up to 24 ch)

This form of admission may be used for students with apparently acceptable credentials applying from countries having an educational structure different from that of Canada, and for which there may be doubts or concerns about the level of achievement relative to students with the same credentials from the Canadian educational system. [It may be used, for example, where a student with a Master's degree from another country has applied for a PhD. The student may be accepted to a Master's level (Probationary Assessment) for one or more terms while the student’s academic and research ability is assessed, following which a decision is made on her/his suitability for PhD work.] 

B) Probationary Period (Student on Probation; three terms, or 15 to 24 ch)

A student admitted to this form of Probationary period is accepted to the normal first year of the graduate program, but is on academic probation during that year or equivalent period.

In general, a student is admitted on Probation when the academic performance of the student as an undergraduate does not meet the normal academic admission standards of the School of Graduate Studies, but where there are very strong indications of potential.[It may be used, for example, where a student has a cumulative GPA below 3.0 (B) but greater than 2.7 (B-) and there is both an acceptable explanation for this performance and evidence of excellent (A range) academic performance during the last two years.]

This form of Probationary Admission will not be granted readily, and will only be granted on the basis of strong supporting evidence and documentation. It will be for the complete period indicated in the letter of acceptance, and it will not, under any circumstances, be extended. When full-time admission on probation is granted on an academic term basis, the GAU involved is expected to require the student to register in at least 6 ch of graduate courses per term, so that the academic as well her/his research abilities can be assessed.  For students admitted on Probation, the assessment will be based on completion of the first 12 ch of graduate level courses in thesis/report based programs or 15 ch of graduate level courses in course based programs.