17. Extracurricular Graduate Internships

In order to facilitate extracurricular research and professional internship opportunities for graduate students to work closely with employers, government, National Research Council, et cetera, the School of Graduate Studies at the University of New Brunswick has created the following guidelines for internships that are not part of the graduate programme credential of the students’ degree:

  • Consistent with NSERC and SSHRC guidelines, full-time graduate students must comply to University Employment Policy.
  • Remuneration shall be a matter of agreement between the intern and the employer.
  • Each graduate student intern must have the written approval of his/her supervisor(s) cosigned by the Director of Graduate Studies in the GAU (copy of the signed approval to be filed in the School of Graduate Studies). Where no supervisor has been appointed, the Director of Graduate Studies in the Graduate Academic Unit (GAU) must sign approval.
  • Subject to the approval of the registrar’s office, the internship will be included on the transcript.
  • The length of an internship may vary. When a graduate student’s internship employment exceeds the 450 hours per year recommended by the tri-council funding agencies, s/he must move to part-time status in the School of Graduate Studies.