18. Dual Registration

A student whose work for a Master's degree at this University is not completed by the beginning of the Fall (Winter) term and who has been conditionally accepted as a candidate for the PhD degree may enroll as a dual registrant. The student must register for both degrees and pay the appropriate fee for the higher degree. Such students must complete all of the requirements for the Master's degree by December 31 (April 30) if they are to receive residence credit towards the PhD degree. If the work for the Master's degree is not completed by December 31 (April 30), the registration for the PhD degree is cancelled and the student continues to be enrolled as a candidate for the Master's degree for the remainder of that academic year. 

With the exception of students proceeding from the Master’s to the PhD as described above, in any situation in which there is a graduate degree in progress, it is incumbent on the student  to obtain permission of the Dean of SGS prior to undertaking any new degree programme. Graduate students planning to enrol in a Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Law degree at UNB prior to the completion of the graduate program will require permission of the Dean of SGS to retain enrolment in the graduate program in question and will require a letter confirming that the GAU considers the thesis acceptable for defence.