11. Audit

In order to audit a course, the student must receive permission from the instructor, the student's supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies of the student's GAU. Matters to be considered shall include class size, impact on students registered for credit, and other factors judged to be relevant by the GAU. In some instances permission to audit cannot be given until the number of registrations is known. 

The degree of participation by a student auditing a course is limited and must be agreed to in advance by the student and the instructor. Students auditing courses are not permitted to write formal examinations, or to have their work formally assessed. 

A student may not convert an Audit to Credit or Credit to Audit beyond the normal date for adding or changing course registrations. 

If at the end of the course, the student has fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the instructor and agreed to by the student, the instructor will inform the Registrar and the course will be retained as an audit course on the transcript. If the student does not fulfill the requirements, the course will be deleted from the transcript. 

A course which has been taken on an audit basis may not be subsequently taken on a normal credit with grade basis.