Marshall d'Avray Hall - Room 334-1

Encourage Active and Collaborative Learning

  • Tables provide plenty of writing space for student laptops, notes, and other materials.
  • All seating and tables are flexible to promote active learning and discussion-based interactions.
  • Improved acoustics through a dropped ceiling and distrubuted sound.
  • Wireless presentation technologies allow instructors and students to wireless collaborate with the digital projector system.

Promote Student-Faculty Interactions

  • Portable instructor desk-podium designed to reduce abrriers while still providing sufficient workspace for instructor laptop, notes, and other teaching tools.
  • With the wireless presentation technology, the instructor is not anchored or tethere to one spot in the room, they are free to present from any location.

Enriching Educational Experiences

  • Each table provides enough power for each student to plug in their laptop or other devices.
  • Reliable wirless connectivity designed for modern teaching and learning spaces.

Provide a Supportive Campus Environment

  • Comfortable seating designed to give more space in the seat for students.
  • New energy efficient LED light is provied that is flexible to the needs, and dimable to ensure the exact amount of lighting.
  • Natural lighting through accessible windows with apprproate shades for adjusting the brightness in the room.
  • Improved air-handling to increase air flow and freshness.

Before Renovations:

Marshall d'Avray Hall, Room 334-1 before renovation