Advising as Teaching & Learning

Academic advising is a concept that can be defined in many ways while applying many approaches. Indeed, perhaps the power of the concept of academic advising is that it is flexible enough to suit the needs, vision, and goals of the institution seeking a definition.  Leveraging existing concepts in the field of academic support, we have defined advising is an aspect of the teaching and learning experience at UNB.

Definition of Advising: for Advisors, Staff, Instructors

Academic advising at the University of New Brunswick is an aspect of teaching-and-learning in which students develop and implement an academic career plan with support and guidance from an academic advisor.

Advisors assist students to explore their strengths and interests to construct a plan that satisfies program requirements and relates to the student’s individual and career aspirations.

Academic advisors also assist students to:

  • navigate the campus landscape;
  • learn and understand policies and regulations;
  • access campus resources; and
  • develop an understanding of the purpose and structure of a chosen program of study.

Ultimately, academic advising supports the University’s mission and goals to provide an exceptional experience for students as they learn and become self-directed learners.

Definition of Advising: for Students and Supporters

 The following definition of academic advising is provided online using the Academic Advising website for students.

 Every student in every program is assigned an academic advisor, who can be found in the Academic Advisor Contact Directory.

Academic advisors help students:

  • make sense of their plans and aspirations,
  • harness their strengths and interests, and
  • develop an academic plan that articulates these things while satisfying the requirements of their chosen degree program in support of their career planning.

Academic advisors also help you, as a student,

  • learn and understand policies and regulations,
  • access campus resources, and
  • enhance your skills while becoming a self-directed achiever and innovator.

In other words, academic advising is more than just picking courses and checking for completed requirements. Maximize your experiences at UNB by meeting with your academic advisor.