Our Team

Rice Fuller
Rice Fuller, Licensed Psychologist, Director Counselling Services, Senior Director, Health & Wellness

Dr. Rice Fuller has been Director of Counselling Services at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton since 2008.  He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University in New York City in 2004 and then completed a two year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Mental Health Services Research at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  After moving to Fredericton in 2006 he worked as a Counsellor at UNB Counselling Services for a year.  He spent the following year working in the UNB Psychology Department coordinating a depression prevention initiative before returning to Counselling Services in 2008 as Director. 
His main interests include increasing access to mental health services for university students, mental health promotion and prevention efforts on university campuses, addressing problematic alcohol use in university students, and preventing and improving response to sexual assault on university campuses.  In addition to his responsibilities at UNB, Dr. Fuller serves as the President of the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick.

Counselling Therapists

Lana MacGillivary
Lana MacGillivary, M.A., Licensed Psychologist
April Kennedy
April Kennedy, M.Ed.

I came to UNB Counselling Services in 2008 and love playing a helping role in the lives of students.  I’ve been a counselling therapist for 14 years and feel very grateful to do something I truly enjoy.  When I’m not working I can be found combing the beach, painting or simply watching the birds. 

Erin Crossland, M.Ed., CCC

I have had the privilege of counselling UNB & STU students at UNB Counselling Services since 2009. When I am not working with students in my comfy purple office chairs, I can be found around campus promoting the UNB Campus Wellness activities & initiatives. In my free time, I can be found cheering from the sidelines at many of the V-Reds games, travelling, or at a park with my family! I also won’t ever be too far from a good plate of nachos or anything dill pickle flavored!

Derrick Rioux Maier, M.Ed., CCC

I’ve been a counselling therapist since 2006, and have been a part of the UNB Counselling team since 2015.  Prior to coming here I was a suicide prevention therapist in Vancouver, BC.  I love being part of the campus community and helping students.  When I’m not doing therapy I’m usually busy being a dad, lifting weights at the Currie Centre, writing, or indulging my nerdy passion for board games, RPGs, and miniature strategy games.

Matthew MacLean, Mental Health Strategist

As the Mental Health Strategist, I am responsible for helping UNB craft a comprehensive, multi-component and targeted plan to support student well-being and mental health across campus.  I've previously worked at UNB in the Student Accessibility Centre and spent several years at NBCC before returning to UNB for my current role.  When not at work, I enjoy making experimental soups, playing complicated board and card games and practicing yoga.

Counselling Interns

Summer Worden Gillett

Originally a teacher in the public school system for 5 years, I have worked with children and youth in capacities of teaching Grade 1, teaching in middle school , high school Resource, and as of this past year—Guidance at the elementary level. Whenever people ask me what grade level I enjoy working with the most, I truly cannot decide. I have enjoyed working with youth at all stages of their growth and development. As I transition into the role of Counselling Intern at Counselling Services I am eager to add to my experience and expand my practice to 18+ adults. I am honoured to be spending part of my practicum here at Counselling Services and excited to work with the staff and students. My approach to therapy often includes a Client Centered foundation, supporting clients to feel empowered within the therapeutic process as well as outside the office. As I finish my M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology I am proud to say that this will be my second masters from UNB. When I am not at UNB, or teaching during the school year, I am in my garden, at the lake, ocean, or beach, or getting ready and excited for the fall- I just love everything that the Autumn brings!

Support Staff

Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones, Administrative Assistant

I have been with Counselling Services since 2004 and LOVE helping students!  I also love working with the team at CS to provide the best service to students possible.  I feel a huge amount of pride when I see a student walking down the hill at graduation ceremonies, knowing we’ve helped support them in their academic achievements.  When I’m not on the 2nd Floor of the CC Jones Student Services Centre, I can most likely be found at the local hockey arena (with my cow bell) or soccer field or walking my beautiful rescued greyhound.

Kelly Kaulback
Kelly Kaulback, Receptionist

I just moved to Fredericton from Ottawa. Although I am new UNB Counselling Services (August 2017), I am not new to working in student support. I love working with students and staff in the post-secondary environment, and look forward to greeting you at the front desk. I’m quickly becoming known for wearing animal prints and bright colours which match my personality! In my spare time I enjoy being a “cat mom” to my 16 y/o kitty, watching true crime shows, and taking pictures.