Academic Advising in the Faculty of Arts is dynamic but structured. Your level of study (progress through your degree) will determine your academic advisor:

  • All first-year students are enrolled in Arts 1000 or Arts 1100. As an Arts 1000/1100 student, your academic advisor is your tutorial leader until you have completed your first-year.
  • Second-year students are advised by the Arts Advising Team.
  • Upper-year students – completed at least 60ch – are in a position to select a Major or Honours program and are advised by a faculty advisor in their chosen program(s).
  • Transfer students should contact the Coordinator of Advising and First Year Experience.
  • Joint/concurrent program students are advised by the Faculty of Arts and an advisor from the other faculty/program (e.g. Science, Computer Science, NBCCD).

 More details are found here.

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Dean of Arts Office

DeanJoanne Wright
Associate Dean (Acting)Ted McDonald
Associate DeanCarmen Poulin
Administrative AssistantColleen Wall
Administrative Assistant, Graduation Auditor ("grad checks")Rhonda Bourque
Coordinator of Advising & First-year Experience - Advisor, Transfer StudentsLinda McNutt
Advisor, 1st & 2nd Year Students (including joint/concurrent programs)Leslie Smith
Advisor, 1st & 2nd Year Students (including joint/concurrent programs)Megan Woodworth

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Anthropology & Archaeology

Chair, AnthropologySusan Blair
Advisor, AnthropologyGabe Hrynick
Advisor, ArchaeologyMaria Papioannou
Director of Graduate StudiesMelanie Wiber

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Classics & Ancient History

Acting ChairRobert Larmer
Advisor, Undergraduate StudiesMatthew Sears
Advisor, Graduate StudiesWilliam Kerr

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Culture & Media Studies

ChairSophie Lavoie
Spanish AdvisorAnna Hamling
Spanish AdvisorSophie Lavoie
Comparative Cultural Studies AdvisorAllan Reid
German AdvisorAnette Guse
Advisor for Film Studies (Minor), Media Arts & Cultures/MAAC (Film Production, Honours, Majors, Minors)Lauren Cruikshank
Music AdvisorRichard Hornsby

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Chair (Acting)Luc Thériault
Advisor & Director of Undergraduate StudiesMike Farnworth
Director of Graduate StudiesYuri Yevdokimov

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ChairJohn Ball
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Advisor - Honours, Majors, MinorsRandall Martin
Director of Graduate StudiesStephen Schryer
Co-Director, Creative WritingRoss Leckie
Co-Director, Creative WritingSue Sinclair

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ChairChristine Horne
1st & 2nd Year Students, Certificate of Proficiency in FrenchAny Professor or Associate Professor
Advisor - Honours, Majors, MinorsRobert Viau
Credit TransfersChantal Richard

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ChairJeffrey Brown
Director & Advisor, Majors & Minors - On Leave Jan 2018 to July 2018 - Consult with Advisor Listings BelowWendy Churchill
Director & Advisor, Honours - Advisor, Majors & Minors (Last Names A to H)Sean Kennedy
Advisor, Majors & Minors (Last Names I to P) - Director, Gregg Centre Marc Milner
Advisor, Majors & Minors (Last Names Q to Z)Gary Waite
Director of Graduate StudiesBill Parenteau
Deputy Director, Gregg CentreLee Windsor

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International Development Studies (IDS) Program

Advisor & Program CoordinatorCarolyn Bassett

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Law in Society

Program Coordinator & AdvisorTia Dafnos

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ChairRobert Larmer
Advisor, all studentsRon Weed

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Political Science

ChairPaul Howe
Advisor & Director of Undergraduate StudiesThom Workman
Director of Graduate StudiesSuzanne Hindmarch

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ChairDaniel Voyer
Advisor, BA Psychology - Students A to FBarbara D'Entremont
Advisor, BA Psychology - Students G to NJanine Olthuis
Advisor, BA Psychology - Students O to ZDaniel Voyer
Advisor, BSc & Concurrent BA/BSc - Students A to MRichard Nicki
Advisor, BSc & Concurrent BA/BSc - Students N to ZDarren Piercey
Advisor, Other Faculties - All studentsRichard Nicki
Director of Graduate StudiesScott Ronis
Director of Clinical TrainingTroy Harker
Director of the Experimental Psychology ProgramScott Ronis

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ChairLucia Tramonte
AdvisorDavid Hofmann
AdvisorJacqueline Low
Director of Graduate StudiesNick Hardy

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Gender & Women's Studies Program

Director for Gender & Women's StudiesLisa Todd

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