Academic Appeals Checklist

This document has been prepared by the Office of Student Services and is intended to assist students through the academic appeal process.

As you formulate an academic appeal to the Student Standings and Promotions Committee, the following Academic Appeals checklist may be useful to you. (Not all sections may apply to your particular appeal.)

If you have any questions, contact Wilfred Langmaid, Student Advocate.

Check List

1.  Letter (in all cases)

  • Reason for appeal
  • Basis for appeal
  • Complete description of extenuating circumstances
  • Timeline and outline of relevant events leading up to your appeal
  • What remedy you are seeking and why
  • If any, what alternative remedy you would be willing to accept

2. Accredited health care professional's letter or counsellor's letter, and/or notes from other health care providers or counsellors related to your appeal (when applicable)

3. Copies of all correspondence relating to your appeal (when applicable)

  • With instructor
  • With faculty
  • With administrators
  • With Student Advocate
  • With other university officials

4. Any and all other information/documentation that may in any way be considered relevant to the matter at hand. Examples could include:

  •  Course syllabus
  •  Death certificates, or other notification from a funeral home or newspaper announcement of the death of a loved one which is grounds for your academic appeal